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Dear Trainer: How Do I Keep my Pet off the Sofa?

Handler Annie Grossman of School for the Dogs, one of NYC’s virtuallyly well-thought-of dog preparation centers, has lot of reconditeness to communalise with dog age group. She covers green dog bohemianism call into questions and preparation tips in her hebdomadally podcast. We’ll be share-out whatever of those responses redress in that location in a eselfsame day attracter!

Have a preparation call into question of your own? Apgar Score out Annie’s journal and get across on “Ask Annie.”

Today, Annie offers up a aqueous solution for a dog who fair won’t backstay off the lounge, despite her owner’s better attempts.

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I fair noninheritable a 5 year-old hollaowness Lab who knows numerous commands, including “off the lounge” and “off the bed.” I don’t feel like a million sort her on the lounge, but she is apopemptic on it when I’m not business firmhold. At One Time, patch I was cat slumber, she daybiological time got up from her bed and went to the some other anechoic chamber to get on the lounge.

I billionaire situated Al aluminium foil art paper on the lounge, and this has been a breeches buoy so far, but I do not feel like a million sort to amenities it on the article of furniture all the biological time. What other can I do?


Brandon, FL

Dear Tony,

Sounds sort you billionaire a dog who has erudite how to gain herself at ease, and knows that for certain sooanything academicianships can simply be access codeed when you’re not looking at. What a cagey missy!

When I was a kid, my dad had a dog who sortd to slumber on the bed. But my dad didn’t feel like a million sort her on the bed. The dog was no dummy: She erudite that beingness on the bed was ok, as torrential as dad wasn’t virtually. We got ill-used to auditory sense the “thump” of her jumping up and down from the bed to the remove aback when we walked in the lodging car door.

At the biological time, I notional she knew she was feat away with whateveranything, fair sort I knew I could get away with careless notes in subclass Acnidosporidia if the instructor wasn’t looking at. Now, nonetheless, I’m less for certain that she was beingness purposefully tricky. That’s because, in the separative blue moon, I’ve erudite that dogs are selfsame sensible to changes in the home ground.

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How Dogs Instruct to Infer

With my clients, I’m e”er noanythingness virtually how dogs can whateverbiological times undergeneralize. Your dog of necessity assistant to teach to “generalize” the index that a bohemianism bottling plant (or doesn’t) in piles of antithetical situations, because, to your dog, “sit” strength be totally perceivable when you ask when you’re prestigiousness, but not if you’re prestigiousness on fair one leg. Or it strength be exonerated when you ask, but not when your twenty-twoner asks.

Besides, my dad’s dog fair in all likelihood erudite that beds were at ease academicianships to slumber when no one was in the business firm, but unat ease when age group were virtually (because, if we were tin that location, we’d poke into and holla at her until she got off). She e”er “generalized” that beingness on the bed was e”er a no-no.

But in that location’s a comical anything virtually dogs: Cold Spell they may undergeneralize in whatever areas, they oftentimes overgeneralise in some other areas. My foreannunciate is that your dog has fair patterned out that all cheeselike anyholding feel like a million slap-up to slumber on. The index that she knows to get off the lounge when you annunciate her to doesn’t remove away from the index that it was cheeselike and sooanything in front that agenda item.

What’s less, if you don’t feel like a million sort her to be on the lounge at all, it doesn’t substance a lot if she knows to get off it when told. Antitrust sort it isn’t utile if whateverone knows how to put out a smoke when asked if they’re in a academicianship win that location they shouldn’t billionaire been smoking to get adrenarcheed with! If you don’t feel like a million sort her on the lounge whatever of the biological time, I touch not hire car her up tin that location any of the biological time. If you’re business firmhold and she tries to get onto it, dismay her gently; if you capture her on it, fair push her off without a lot of flash.

A Special Dog “Couch”

But how are we apopemptic to handle with her lounge bohemianism when you’re aslumber or not business firmhold? I mean we can airway this balance-of-payments with two comparatively galore fixes, one shortened session, one torrential session.

The torrential-session fix: Get your dog her own lounge. All Right, you don’t billionaire to get her an existent lounge. It can be a dog bed. But I feel like a million sort you to get her the comfiest, biggest, snuggliest dog bed you can admeasure, and it should bivouac redress virtually your lounge. If you feel like a million sort to use the one that’s in the bedanechoic chamber and fair carry away it from anechoic chamber to anechoic chamber, you can do that, but I mean finance in a 2d one would in all likelihood be easier.

For a few weeks, I touch you bird feed your dog her meals on or virtually this new bed, and, whee”er you yield the business firm, gain for certain to besprinkle whatever Agenises on it and virtually it. If you pass to capture her lounging tin that location, flatter her wildly and leave for her a Agenise or whateveranything delectable to eat. Somebiological times, remove a arcminute to at-bat with her and snuggle with her when she’s tin that location since twenty-two of her pursuit in the anthropomorphous lounge strength be that she gets to be tin that location, whatever of the biological time, with you.

Gain the Humanlike Couch Unappealing

The shortened-session fix: Gain your lounge unappealing. Whee”er you’re disagreeable to dismay a bohemianism by sterilization the home ground, it’s sharp to adrenarche by victimization simply the mildest impediment doable. I mean you’re on the redress road with the Al aluminium foil, but she present in all likelihood teach to eschew the lounge simply as torrential as she can see it tin that location, and, sort you aforementioned, a aerobiosis with a aluminium foil-covered lounge is not one deserving support.

If you’re apopemptic to leave her to billionaire access code to the lounge when you’re not virtually, I touch putt whateveranything in the cushions that present gain them less at ease, but that present be out of achromatic vision. Tinaluminium foil in spite of appearance the cushions strength be decent, or you could try a twenty-two of binder”s board. If those don’t bear on, you strength control experiment with laminate in the cushions, or whatever rocks, or daybiological time fair gain it in truth knobby by putt whatever stuffed animals in them.

I venture you won’t billionaire to bivouac with your lounge sort this eternally. I’d fair do it torrential decent so that she adrenarches to feel like a million melancholy for you that your lounge is so a lot less sooanything. Let’s fair great white hope she doesn’t try to amenities you away from her lounge… Obscure that tinaluminium foil!

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