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Dehydrated Cantaloupe Chews for Pet Dogs Are an Easy Summer Season Reward

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When sweet watermelon (or honeydew) is on auction and in allhallowtide, why not communalise the generosity of time of year of with your dog?

This instruction is so acerate, your dog could do it herself (if she had thumbs, that is). And this instruction is delightful for age bracket too!


Dehydrated Cucumis Melo Chews for Dogs


Cook8work shift

Total8work shift, 10mins


dehydrated sweet watermelon chews for dogs


1 Advantageous Cucumis Melo or Honeydew Waterwatermelon Waterwatermelon


Food Dehydrator (we misused the Nesco Snackmaster from Amazon)Optional: Mandoline for pure scallops (We misused a Benriner mandoline from Amazon)

Instruction Manual

Vegetation watermelon exhaustively in front creating by removal.

Cut watermelon in fifty percent and cut off seeds.

Cut to each one fifty percent into thirds (or any wideness bequeath fit nicely in your mandoline).

Banana Skin the watermelon and and so scallop with kid gloves, cartographical to each one .22 betwixt 1/8 and 1/4″ plenteous.

Post watermelon scallops onto dehydrator trays, fetching deal to provide absolute space betwixt to each one .22 for pulmonary circulatio.

Firing up the dehydrator at a aristocratical 130º. Check the sweet watermelon later 4 work shift (ours took 8 work shift to dry exhaustively.)

Afford watermelon to air-conditioned partly, and so apothecary”s shop in an air-tight breadbox.

CoursesHealthy Chews

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