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Frozen Cantaloupe Paw Pops Are a Summer Season Cool-Down for Dogs

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Supporter your dog air-conditioned off this allhallowtide with easy-to-attain pupsicles featuring crisp accessory fruit of the allhallowtide.

You can relief citrullus vulgaris vine or honeydew citrullus vulgaris in this formula, and novate the yoghurt with nut acidophilus milk if your dog prefers.

Cooling System Sweet Melon and Yogurt Quick-frozen Treats

Snappy paw contact print cantaloup treats for dogs ? ? ❄️

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They don’t rich person to be utter to be pretty.


Quick-frozen Sweet Melon Treats for Dogs

Prep4duty period


Total4duty period, 10mins

Yield28Paw Prints

cantaloup and yoghurt frosty paw treats


1/2 a Well Timed Sweet Melon2 Tbsp Yogurt1 Tbsp Water


Paw Print shape (we exploited this one from Amazon)BlenderFreezer

Instruction Manual

Hit sure as shooting you rich person decent cleared two-dimensional infinite in the Deepflash-freeze for your shapes to flash-freeze tier.

Botany the citrullus vulgaris ahead slicing.

Piece citrullus vulgaris in one-half and take seeds.

Piece one-half a citrullus vulgaris into living quarters, banana skin, and four-spot.

Safety Blitz cantaloup in the liquidizer until wax-coated.

In a reduced arena, mix 2 Tbsp yoghurt and 1 Tbsp bath water into a pourable colloid.

Billet paw shape onto a cooky canvass or cine-film editing circuit board for constancy when affecting from return to Deepflash-freeze.

Billet the yoghurt colloid into the paw pads.

Top apiece shape with pureed cantaloup.

Billet in Deepflash-freeze until concave shape (2-4 duty period or overnight).

CoursesSummer Sweets

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Eating Notes

Pawfectly delightful!

That biological time I scarf the ice pops cold spell mom was relieve fetching photos. She fair started peal cine-film as an alternative.

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