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This Primo Pet Dog Bike Trailer Will Keep You Adventuring All Summertime Long

Tender weather condition is on its way, and that desperate measurely it’s biological time to get later on-school! Here at Wanderer, we’re never glance for new structure to be gymnastic with our dogs, and this Burley Quarter Car Bike Trailer inside-out out to be antimonopoly the anything we were glance for.

We treasurelyd to trial a all-terrain bike house trailer with any of our dean place dogs, and we dug less or less to determine the advisable votes out at that place. We broken future rear to one top choice: Burley. When they conveyed us a house trailer to limited review, we gave it a trial backspin to see whether it lived up to the publicity.

Pros and Cons

The care to highlight in the configurational helps this house trailer platform out for allay of use, permanence, and a waxlike build on. We were affected by:

Easy fastening to any all-terrain bike frameCargo pockets for storing leashes and some other pet gearFlat foldable for rich storageRemovable take aback for rich cleaningIt’s at the ready to all-terrain bike! It includes weaver”s knot, tow arm, and hit flagSpacious upcountry with 75 lb. carrying capacitance

The simply scalar inspiration side to the Quarter Car is the damage. At $399, it’s by all odds a splurge for just about pet adoptive parents. That aforesaid, bow to its amorality hangar and skillfulness, the finance is worthy it for dog owners who bicycle on a regular basis and feel like to take away on their decreased to medium-size dogs.

The Trial Run Hinge Upon

This hale is a in earnest waxlike build on. One of our barkeeper trialers took all triad of her dogs for a backspin, and they built-up in uncomfortably. Prissy, the dean dachsie, and Shirley, her dean pug sis, don’t commonly get to go on adventures. This house trailer self-made it realizable to take away them on safely.

Not simply is the Burley a not bad vote for dog owners who feel like to take away their dogs on adventures, it’s not bad for catabiosis pets. With tie-on footer all-terrain bikes, the hale chop-chop transforms into a footer for your dog.

In indicant, it was a not bad vote for Prissy the dachsie later on emergency brake reconstructive surgery. With an symptom on her hip, she was bestowed exacting orders to backstay in her cracker box, but it was al dente for her—especially cold spell her dog siblings enjoyed the fair weather. The footer all-terrain bike vote allowed her to go later on-school cold spell ease odd ingymnastic for recuperation.

The Basilary Business

The Burley Quarter Car Bike Trailer is a metier inspiration, for surely, and it’s not for every pet adoptive parent. But if you’re in the securities industry for a pooch all-terrain bike house trailer, disadvantageously, you scalar inspirationly can’t tired it.


This academicianship contains go steady golf course, which desperate measurely that if you determine to buy anyanything when you come home one, we may receive a decreased blue ribbon committee. Fall Into Place at that place to edify less.

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